VajraTV to organize Tibetan Elderly Picnic

VajraTV is pleased to announce that we are organizing a weekend picnic for the Tibetan elderly living in New York area in association with Tongyi Nyingje Ling and Himalayan Initiative. A number of Tibetan elderly living in New York with their families spend most of their time in their homes because of lack of Tibetan monasteries or community centers where they would usually meet if they were in Tibet, Nepal or India. We wanted to give back something to the wonderful generation that worked so hard in keeping the Tibetan spirit alive. The picnic we believe, no matter how small a gift, is a wonderful idea for them to relax, contemplate and have fun. Since we’re taking them to the stunning land of Tongnyi Nyingje Ling, which boasts a stunning expanse of forests and meadows, and commanding views of the southern Catskills and the surrounding state forest and small farms, we believe they will feel once again connected to the nature and enjoy their time there.

We are extremely grateful to Tongnyi Nyingje Ling for offering us the land with retreat houses without any cost for the picnic. The picnic program includes: Singing, Tibetan traditional group-dancing (Gorshey), Tibetan board game (Sho), lot of Tibetan butter tea, story-telling and a stand up comedy show. However, we still need to raise funds for the bus rental, food and a support car rental; Please contribute to this project and help make it happen, we will post updates and send you pictures from the picnic.

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Tongnyi Nyingje Ling: The Center for Wisdom and Compassion is a retreat center, community meeting place, and public park land. It is dedicated to preserving and applying the principles and practices of universal human values and compassion of the ancient Buddhist wisdom tradition of Tibet. The center is located at 165 Game Farm Rd. Berne, NY – 12023

Inspired by the vision of Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and in homage to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, the Center is home to a small community of authentically trained practitioners. This dedicated team offers guidance and retreats for those who have embarked upon the Buddhist path of study and practice, and also courses and programs for people of all faiths or none who simply want to learn practical methods for overcoming obstacles and living more joyful, happy lives. Currently members of our dedicated staff offer meditation instruction and sitting practice at three venues in Albany, as well as programs nationally and abroad.

The Center’s 358 acres of pristine, unspoiled hills, woodlands, and wet lands in Berne, New York, form a nature park open to the public and a physical setting for applying the principles of compassion and universal responsibility to the environment.