Welcome Michael Imperiolli

We are very happy to announce that Michael Imperiolli is now on our advisory board.

A good friend and an ardent supporter VajraTV, Michael is an American actor and television writer. Michael has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award as well as for five Emmy Awards for his work as Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos for which he won once, for the show’s fifth season in 2004.

In an interview (1) Michael describes the affect of his study of Tibetan Buddhism on his craft as an actor and director: “I do think meditation does promote concentration, I think that it helps a lot. I feel a lot less neurotic about my work. For a long time all I cared about was being an actor, now it is more about the art of being an actor. Those things that I stressed about and worried about, now I can take more in stride. Hopefully anything that enriches you as a person, if you consider yourself an artist, will enrich your art.”

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Michael Imperiolli with Thupten N Chakrishar, founder of VajraTV