FAQ – Content

Do you create the contents or gather them?
We create some of the contents in-house but most of the videos are from our content providers that we help distribute.

How do you choose what to show?
VajraTV follows a strict rule regarding approval of videos for broadcast. Our advisers decide what’s best to broadcast. Currently VajraTV features only those teachings that are from the Nalanda tradition of Buddhism and thus propagated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Do you only feature teachers and teachings you select or can we recommend?
Yes, you can definitely help us by recommending teachers and we will try to get in touch with them. Again, the decision to broadcast these videos remains with our advisers as well as the fact that if it’s in line with Nalanda tradition of Buddhism and thus propagated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

If I miss a teaching, can I watch it later?
The teachings broadcast in our TV section runs on a scheduled program hence cannot be paused and replayed at later time. However, we repeat our programs every 8 hours so viewers will have the opportunity to watch it again.

I have some teaching videos, can I send them to you? How does that work?
Yes, we accept teaching videos from our viewers and supporters. Please contact us.

I am a content provider, how can I work with you?
Please contact us for further details.

Will VajraTV support user-generated content? Whom should I contact?
Yes, it would still need to go through the same selection process (as defined above in the “How do you choose what to show?” ). We have broadcast several travel videos, meditation music videos and so forth, if the video is of decent quality; we will gladly consider it. You can contact us for further details.

Are all the contents on VajraTV in English?
Almost all the videos we broadcast currently are in English language, either spoken by the teacher themselves or interpreted by a translator. We do have contents in other languages that we plan to introduce gradually.