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    Cancel anytime via PayPal
    Cancel anytime via PayPal

Why not a standard subscription option?
As a service provider, we need income to manage efficiently but we always try to follow the path of right livelihood. Our low membership fee is a testament of our trust that our members are honest in picking the fees that they can afford. We will never turn away anyone due to lack of funds.

Is the $1 membership different from the others?
Not at all! It’s exactly the same. Our goal is to accommodate and provide to everyone equally, regardless of their financial situation.

Before I sign up, I have a question
Sure, please use our contact page.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express VIA PayPal. For amounts larger than $100 we accept checks aswell.

I have a ROKU, so how do I connect it with my account?
All members can also access VajraTV on ROKU. Simply add Vajra TV from the “Channel Store” and follow the instructions on the screen. ROKU page to learn more.

Can I also make a donation to VajraTV separately?
Certainly! Your kind thoughts and gesture is much appreciated. Your gift not only helps us to continue our effort but also strengthens our belief in what we are providing is of immense benefit to all. Please use our Contribution page to make your donation.